NYU Continues it’s Global Take Over!

As someone who had my global mindset nurtured at NYU, I am ecstatic that my alma mater continue to open global campus to spread the global New York learning & teaching experience. NYU is the epitome of the type of global fusion that New York represents to the world. It sits in the mecca of Greenwich village known for its historical heyday as home to artists, creative types & intellectuals! I had the pleasure of meeting NYU president, John Sexton when he was the charismatic Dean of NYU law School, a few years before he became president. Every time I saw him at our mutual best kept secret local greenwich village restaurant, he was always a friendly “regular John” type of guy who you could just see possessed a brilliant mind. There is nothing false about President Sexton’s enthusiasm for NYU it comes naturally & it is infectious hence the global doors opening their welcoming arms to him & NYU!

“John Sexton, the president of New York University, typically greets students, faculty, and even strangers with a bear hug, and word has spread. When he taught a class in Abu Dhabi, where NYU is about to open a campus, three male students from the United Arab Emirates opened their arms to him. Knowing that Middle East convention barred him from touching female students, Sexton decided he needed a technique to cover both genders. So the 67-year-old, white-bearded president gave each student a fist bump.

“I told them I will not give them a hug until they have an NYU degree,” Sexton says. “I just didn’t want to be too violative of social norms.”

Sexton is part scholar, part showman, and his plans for NYU are as audacious as his personality. While Harvard University shelves construction projects because of endowment losses, Sexton is barreling ahead with a massive expansion, both at home and abroad. The NYU branch in Abu Dhabi, set to open in September, is bankrolled entirely by the oil-rich emirate, and in the midst of a weak economy, Sexton plans to raise more than $3 billion to beef up the university’s New York campus. His goal: to transform NYU, already the largest nonprofit university in the U.S., with 43,000 students, into one of the world’s best.” Source-Read More Here

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