Mobile Communication: Africa’s Game Changer: Western Union & MTN Partner to Benefit Rural African Communities

Africa once blacklisted by many global businesses & corporations refusing to do business with the continent & refusing to allow credit card transactions to or from Africa/Africans because of the ills of a few that somehow managed to justify stereotyping a vast continent looking to grow, yet being kept stagnant with dreams of advancement deferred because the world only looked at its darkness without seeing its light is now seen as the light at the end of the dark tunnel of a global recession! You are either clueless or don’t care about the global/local advancement of your business if you are not catering & marketing toward the vast needs of the continent of Africa’s soon to be 2 billion plus population whose main source of global communication is by mobile phones. Anyone who has stepped their foot on the continent of Africa lately knows that perhaps you can not find better mobile phone service in the world because it is truly a free market generally lacking in overregulation & cumbersome red tape in land & air rights where towers can be placed for mobile reception. There has been an explosion in the telecom & mobile business in Africa in the past decade & the market just keeps growing with no end in site in its innovation & potential to build a new modernized Africa where as Mamadou Toure of the International Finance Corporation says “the last will be the first.”

In the future as the world of Africa & the West mate more & more into the totality of world culture, the creative strength of the African personality, which is evident in tribal sculpture, will contribute far more profoundly to human fulfillment than can yet be imagined” Dr. Kwame Nkrumah- 1966

Western Union and MTN recently announced a commercial partnership to introduce international mobile remittance services in the 21 countries where MTN operates. Through this partnership, MTN subscribers will be able to send and receive Western Union Money Transfer remittances through their MTN mobile money accounts….“the mobile money transfer opportunities in Africa are tremendous, with 40 billion dollars transferred just last year. This strategic partnership with MTN is therefore essential in bringing mobile money services to all the countries where MTN operates.With this partnership, Western Union will bring more cash in MTN’s mobile wallets, by allowing consumers to send money directly to mobile accounts while the integration with MTN allows us to expand our payment services throughout Africa…” READ MORE

Charles Goldstuck, president of and CEO of TouchTunes Interactive Networks, predicts that South Africa’s broadband network will be robust enough by mid-2010 to see the potential roll out of several global digital music platforms in the country…The J-Records co-founder and former BMG president and COO took the TouchTunes job in 2009. The New York-based company says it is the largest out-of-home interactive entertainment, advertising and commerce network in North America. It launched the world’s first digital downloading, pay-per-play jukebox in 1998, and provides entertainment and marketing solutions to more than 40,000 bars, restaurants, and retailers…”South Africa is on the verge of taking its place amongst the industrialized nations in terms of its broadband capability, and its with the advent of that that you will see a move towards real digital music consumption here,” Goldstuck told delegates on the opening day of independent music summit Music Exchange, held in the Victoria Junction Hotel in Cape Town…”By mid-2010, South Africa’s broadband network will be robust enough to run my network – and it will create a marketplace that is poised for any digitally distributed product because it should now be very easy for any company to come into this market,” ….READ MORE

‎”Those of you who are familiar with my Hip-Hoppreneur ™ columns and perspective know that I do not bite my tongue on where I believe the industry is headed. One of several provocative conclusions that I have come to is that the influence that all of us in the United States have had over the Hip-Hop culture and industry is rapidly ending. It will be replaced in many ways by the creative energy coming from regions of the world like Central and South America and Africa, whose socio-economic conditions in many ways are closer to the original essence of Hip-Hop as it manifested in New York City neighborhoods in the 1970s.Another major factor at work which I believe will eventually move the throne of the industry elsewhere is the rapid economic development of Africa and its cultural diversity. As technological, economic and physical infrastructure is built in Africa, and as income levels rise, the ability to monetize creative works (make money from them) and offerings tied to music will grow so fast it will make your head spin….Decision-makers and entrepreneurs will have to have a presence on the ground not just in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles but also cities like Cairo, Egypt; Johannesburg, South Africa; Lagos, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; Nairobi Kenya; and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo…” READ MORE

This colloboration between MTN & Western Union along with the music, entertainment & other industries recognizing that there is such a vast market that they have long overlooked will serve as a “Game Changer” for Future Africa & Mobile Marketing! I am loving all the collaborations between everyday people all around the world & businesses. We are all serving One World locally & globally so why not serve it together profitably & productively!

This is Global Africa’s time to take the reigns & to determine what our future will be in saving ourselves & owning our global power for the betterment of the future to come! As Osageyfo  Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said “this new decade is Africa’s Decade…We have awakened. We will not sleep anymore. Today, from now on, there is a new African in the world..Forward Ever ..Backward Never“!