Amber Rose In Ghana- Feeding The Children-REALLY?

It seems like so many media outlets picked up on Amber Rose’s not so discrete twitter photo opp. in the guise of a humanitarian venture in Ghana, as she quickly blasted a photo of her with some children in Ghana claiming to be feeding the poor.

Amber Rose visits Ghana and tweets: “#TeamAmberRose & I went to a Village in Ghana to feed the children today we laughed, cried & the locals made us really cool bracelets it was an amazing experience #GiveBack 🙂SOURCE

All I could do at seeing this photo & comment was LOL & SMH at how we continue to even let a former stripper, whose only real claim to fame is dating rappers play us Africans out to the media like she has to come to save us from ourselves or give our children a voice. I nearly fell out of my seat when I read that Amber Rose was speaking to young muslim girls in Nima about girl power, the importance of education & following a good path- all of which she hasn’t bothered to attain for herself because it’s a lot easier to do it the way she did it & continues to do it. I am not saying that Ms. Rose is worthless or that because she was a former stripper who got off the pole by dating rappers can not have a life change & be a role model to young girls, but how much has her life changed in a positive direction to warrant her being flown from America to stand up as a role model for young Ghanaian girls who probably never met anyone who made their money by being on a pole or dating rappers until Amber  came into their lives & now they have been introduced to another quick money western celebrated profession for empowering women-REALLY? I wonder if the parents of these young girls know anything about Amber Rose & her claim to fame?

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against strippers or any woman who has to do what she has to do to survive, but in my opinion Amber Rose is no role model, just a seemingly nice girl with big breasts, a pretty face & a bald head who likes to date rappers, show off her body & let everyone know whether we want to know or not that she is very sexually active with her rapper of the moment, while continuing shamelessly outrageous PDA & claiming that she is shy & does not like the media attention-PUH-LEEEZE! I think Vodafone insulted all the great artists in Ghana who put in the work, do for their nation & would have loved the opportunity to have even half the payday that Amber Rose received to go to Ghana. Ghanaians need to stop indulging in the foolishness & start speaking up in order to build up our nation in our Africanness instead of indulging in ill-conceived colonial mentality. At the end of the day the money that Vodafone spent on Amber is the hard earned money that Ghanaians pay to get ripped off by Vodafone, which they don’t even get to benefit from when it comes down to events like this, where they go outside & pay someone like Amber Rose to come & represent them.

According to Uche Ofodile, Chief Marketing Officer for Vodafone Ghana, “020 Live is the biggest musical concert in Ghana and this is because of Vodafone’s firm commitment to music. We want to give Ghanaians and our customers the best experience in everything we do so we have made sure that the 020 Live concert is second to none. This year, we have produced a show that exhibits the best of international and African talent which promises to be a powerful combination of music and dance. We firmly believe that music is one of the simplest forms of expression and communication and this is something we want to share with music lovers in Ghana.READ MORE

Ms. Rose didn’t go to Ghana to feed the children. She went all expenses paid for to host Vodafone 020 Live & the usual foreign artist photo opp. to help us “poor Africans”..Sarcasm. I am not knocking Amber, but as an African from the Black Star Nation of Ghana, I am tired of these so called humanitarian stories that don’t give you the full story. Amber Rose being there wasn’t the catalyst on whether these kids would eat or not that day, it did more for her garnering press for herself than for the children who she was supposedly there to feed. Let’s not overdo it with the humanitarian claim on the backs of Africans. She blasted this picture on twitter that has been picked up by all of the lame media/bloggers etc. without even knowing the whole story or anything about Ghana. Not one of the articles I have read in American media outlets about her so called feeding the children in Ghana says anything about why she is really in Ghana or anything about the nation or its people.

Amber shared the following love on Twitter: “The guys played the drums for me & said they wanted to Welcome me home, naturally I told them I wasn’t from Africa & They said “We r all brothers & sisters everyone comes from Africa Welcome home Amber” #DeepREAD MORE

Most Ghanaians hopefully see by now that Amber Rose is far from deep, but I think most Ghanaians could careless about Amber Rose, let alone see her as a role model for our young girls. Rather these young girls can teach her a thing or two about getting hooked on phonics, having a grasp of the English language, discretion & geography, as she exhalted to Ghanaians welcoming her that she is not African, yet she claims to be Cape Verdian– Uh hello not so bright wonder -where do you think  Cape Verde is Ms. Rose? Ironically it is in the exact part of the world where you are standing at, while claiming not to be part of the people who are welcoming you, but then again you have been to 1 nation in the continent of Africa for the first time, yet you claim that what you have seen in “AFRICA” is the extreme imbalance of wealth between rich & poor with no middle class, even though Ghana’s middle class is booming while America’s is becoming extinct-SMH! Please Ms. Rose do us all a favor & just collect your check & STFU!

The money spent to get Amber Rose to host the Vodafone event would have been better used for the children who she claims to care so much about & at the very least paid African artists to be able to make money in their own nation. If she waived her appearance fee & gave it to a children’s charity to build for the future instead of using it as a twitpic opportunity, then maybe I would give this whole humanitarian farce more than a side eye.

Controversial American model and host for the Vodafone 020 Live concert, Amber Rose has explained that she didn’t mean evil, concerning certain comments she’s made on Twitter since her arrival in Ghana which have sparked a lot of disapproving responses from Ghanaians on social media.” READ MORE

Let’s get the story straight because Amber Rose has already gotten way too much publicity off of this so called humanitarian photo opp., which she blasted on twitter solely serving her own press re-imaging purposes not because she cares so much about the poor kids, who as she claims are  being neglected by the same rich people whom I am sure she is popping bottles with at the club even though she claims to not care about them or want to hang with them. She is supposedly so shocked about seeing the imbalance of wealth in Ghana- Really Amber? Do you not live in America, where the same shit is going down or is African poverty somehow more shocking than America’s, or maybe you just don’t go back to the hood much anymore in America since big money Kanye put you on? She can play innocent if she wants to but get real, if it was about altrustic giving back then you don’t need to create your own publicity out of it because at the end of the day what did Amber Rose really give to these children? Would she even downsize to a less expensive hotel to give some of the money back to these “poor kids” or give her own out of pocket donation? I would even give her the benefit of the doubt if the media had picked up this so called “humanitarian” story on their own without it coming directly from her twitter account. Many of us spend a lifetime trying to debunk & reimage the one sided, often stereotypical & racist images of Africa that is ubiquitous in the western world & people like Amber Rose do not help the cause whether it was done in malice or not because at some point we all have to be accountable for our ignorance. Wake Up Africa!

Vodafone Ghana held the Vodafone 020 Live industry cocktail party at Villa Monticello Monday night to welcome Amber Rose, Trey Songz and Dbanj to Ghana ahead of the Tuesday night concert scheduled for the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre. The champagne reception to celebrate the best in Ghanaian and popular music was attended by industry players such as musicians, producers and Music Associations.” READ MORE

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  • Julian

    September 21, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Well said — Well said! I’m also going to the US in December to bring a few strippers to host a couple of events in Ghana — only African artists will be invited. Only issue is they would need a strip club to go afterwards — maybe we should create more strip clubs for exotic strippers to visit and be an inspiration to the African Girl Child!

    Vodafone and Uche Ofodile, you need a few slaps to understand what it means to be AFRICAN! Maybe Uche would look good in a bathing suit on the pole….maybe?? 😉

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