Palm Oil : Dr. Oz’s 13 Miracles for 2013

Note to Africans: Stop foolishly changing your naturally made in Africa diet to meet western standards because eventually they will come back and resell your original diet to you as a miracle cure after you have caught all their diseases from the use of pesticides, GMO injected and processed foods. I have been eating Ghanaian food cooked with palm oil for all my life from Ghana to the USA, then all of a sudden our US doctors deemed it bad and  said it would eventually cause us health problems. I can’t imagine life without ampesie with kontomire froi AKA yams/plantains with spinach stew, Red Red or Okra stew , and to try to make those dishes without palm oil is blasphemous to my acquired and refined Ghanaian palate.  After years of say no to palm oil campaigns with western doctors and scientists telling Africans to stop using palm oil because it is high fat etc.,  all of a sudden I am watching Dr. Oz as they push palm oil as the miracle food that lowers bad cholesterol over 40% in less than 1 month of usage, helps stop effects of aging such as Alzheimer’s and it is naturally high in beta-carotene – the same agent that gives carrot its colour, and known to protect humans from many cancers and heart diseases.

The palm in Africa is a miracle plant where we produce everything from oil, to wine, to furniture to insulation for the construction of houses. There are energy companies from all over the world currently in African countries in a mass land grab in palm producing areas because they have discovered that they can create energy sources from palm oil- just as Brazil has been doing with corn to great economic success. As someone from the mountains of Ghana, I have always grown up with herbalists who have always created natural medicines from the plants that surrounded us, and now if you go to the eastern region of Ghana- you will see medical docotors, researchers and scientists from all over the world doing cancer research and trying to learn and attain cures for western diseases from these same herbalists, often with little to no compensation.  2013:ReClaiming  #Africa #Culture #Land #HolisticMedicine #MedicinalPlants #KnoweldegeofElders #KnowledgeofSelf