Wunmi From ALA (African Living Abroad) To The Future of the Global African Supershero

If there is a time more than ever when our little girls need a supershero from Africa to her Diaspora..it surely is Now. Issues from colorism, racism, sexism & all of our many global isms, skisms  etc. & overcoming themhas led to what I call the movement of the global African daughters of  the great warrior, Yaa Asentewaa, who have come to realize their place in finding resloution to our many revolutions. From the ones who once existed in fleshto those who are our current living legends keeping the revolution of  the African woman going forward- like Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Miriam Makeba, Winnie Mandela, Margaret Ekpo, Queen Nzinga, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf , Wangari Waathai & many more, to the new generation of writers, musicians, filmmakers, architects, economists, designers, activists , leaders & all around cultural curators & creatives finding their creative freedom in honoring the past by building on it with a push forward to the future . A new movement of the people who understand that Mama Africa is our individual & collective responsibility because if Africa burns then we burn with it.  Our supershero, Wunmigirl is amongst the global Africans ushering in a cycle that understands that it has no end because culture should always be in a state of evolving as it revolves around its preservation of history & legacy from past to present, in preparation for the future-The  type of love language spoken by a global village of Wow Wow‘s, preparing to take over the world, 1 Global African Nation at a time. Wunmigirl invites everyone to cross over to her side, while asking the listener to exercise his/her individual & collective right to define what is crossing over.

Wunmi Oliaya is the England born girl, who grew up in Nigeria, currently living in Brooklyn, New York- who by the sound of the drum crosses the Atlantic, worlds over metamorphosing into Wunmigirl -a Global African Supershero saving global Africa from mental enslavement, self doubt, self hate, and injustice with truth & reconciliation raw & unfiltered powered by her gari!  Wunmigirl is the supershero “bobo slayer” at a time when African nations like Queen Nzinga’s Angola have finally decided to make domestic violence a national priority & Winnie Mandela’s South Africa has gone as far as creating female condoms with teeth to fight against the overwhelming rape statistics in the nation.  Wunmigirl bluntly speaks on this taboo topic at a time when global Africans understand that any violence against women & domestic violence  is a cycle that needs to stop by finding a sense of freedom in order to take the first step to change. Our “bobo slayer” & supershero, Wunmigirl opens the global dialogue with her music while other global Wow Wow’s like Carla Selby utilize their creativity in teaching domestic violence victims how to become survivors by giving them freedom to attain skills to pour their creativity into as they step toward freedom.

Freedom is often attained in sacrifice, consequences & rewards without guarantees other than our own level of faith & push to attain the change that we say want to be. This is what our supershero represents as she comes around to save the day by leading her Wow Wow’s to freedom land,where the language of love is the national language of her tribe. We need our global voices who bring our global connection back to its basics.  Our supershero, Wummigirl  with her nation of Wow Wow’s declare “Are you hearing Me Bobo, when I say I No Go, I No Go,Are You Hearing Me Bobo, when I say I No Do, I No Do “!

From one side of the Atlantic to the other, the language of the soul of a house’s foundation is never lost in its people. From scavengers to aristocrats,  from paupers to kings, from the roots of mama Africa to the fruits of her global African children who protect her land as environmentalist, there has always been a local & global code of ethics & self governance that we never had to make a government or church matter, but rather just a human matter that directly effects forward movement as a people . Much like the sons of Lagos- Seun & Femi Kuti , Wunmigirl comes with the roots of Africa with fury that is determined to rise with a vision of an Africa for Africans. Our Supershero is here to showcase the future of her motherland-Future Africa…from Londontown to Lagos roots…our supershero be for Nija Inside!

Wunmigirl comes with her global tribe, a nation of Wow Wow’s- Global African fashionistas who adorn our supershero’s capsule fashion collections- paying homage to the African roots of our supershero while staying true to her futuristic evolution, which gives offerings of beauty in its natural progression from the root to the fruit! The nation of Wow Wow’s come in all shapes, shades & sizes also representing the natural progression which is uniquely & beautifully Africa-Cutting across the evolution & revolution of the Wow Wow sound & style of Wunmigirl – A journey of an African Supershero whose Wow Wow’s run the world as she keeps it rockin’ globally!

Supershero-Wunmigirl comes with her own language in her vocal drum…she commands global spirits, who invest their souls in a dance of joy cheering for her to win a battle contained in a global love language deeply rooted in the soul of house. Every Supershero must come with a soundtrack. Wunmigirl comes with a Global African soundtrack telling the story of an ALA to the future- continuing the natural progression from the root to the fruit in taking & continuing the rights of passage to superhershero status! Wunmi, from ALA (African Living Abroad) to the Future of the Global African Supershero is the story we can not wait to to be told, seen, progress & embraced globally manifested in our global African image-representing the new sound of Global Africa – Tortured, Cultured, Seasoned , Styled & Ready for It’s Close Up to Shine!

Wunmigirl is a musician, a designer, an artist, a sister, a daughter, an aunty, a woman & a Grand Daughter of  Africa -a new era much needed & gladly welcomed Global African Supershero commanding & introducing a global love language that allows audiences to embrace an experience that makes them say  “Wow Wow- that was incredible”!

Wunmigirl is the supershero that gives voice to the voiceless & let’s it be known that there is too much talk talk talk with no one listening!

Wunmigirl came calling for a kick start  for Future Africa & everyone started listening. The pledges came in & the people got behind the journey to the experience. We now join Wunmigirl in her journey from ALA to hearing the sound of our African Supershero after receiving her rights of recording passage in Ghana, West Africa. Refreshed, Rejuvenated, Reinvented& Reformed- the 4 R’s in the spirit of a true Supershero ready for the performance of her well earned right of passage! Wunmigirl is taking us on the journey as she tells our Global African stories in the truth of a new generation dubbed “Future Africa”! From the continent to her Diaspora, Future Africans are looking to Africa as the Future. While many with earned & self imposed titles as historians, intellectuals, experts, elders, leaders, Pan-Africanists & some entitled title seekers lose touch with the forward movements of Future Africa because they are too immersed in the beautiful struggle sound of their own voices, waxing poetic in verbal masturbation about the failures of what was, without much care & solution to what is & what will be! Wunmigirl lets the “Bottom-Line” know that it is full of shit…& that the little girl from London, to Nigeria, to New York, to Ghana & all points in between her ALA journey has attained & accepted her Global African Wunmigirl Wings! A roots honor never lost to be found, but rather awaiting her rightful time of preparation & passage! We are the Future ..This is Africa, Enter The New World…Wunmigirl-Africa’s new Supershero birthed from the queen of Afro-Fusion Wunmi Olaiya!

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This is what hurts my heart as an African- while our artists are creating & doing important things that move us forward as a continent and tell our stories from our perspective- they seldom attain the needed support -yet we cry poverty and somehow find hundreds of thousands & millions to pay mediocre western artists to come and entertain us without any concern for our forward movement as a people, nation nor continent. We are all complicit in what we do & don’t support!! A people with no sense of priority and self worth can never move FORWARD! A true flourishing community builds from within! #REThinkPriorities #ReThinkDevelopment 2013: ReClaiming

PHOTO CREDITS: Regine Gigi Romain , TKAFoundation,WUNMI.COM , Delphine Diallo