I Heart Naomi- Naomi Campbell Unmasked on Oprah

I have always loved me some Naomi, flaws & all because I had always seen myself in her beyond just our shared skin tone. She not only represented the beauty of brown skin, but had that innate exterior Black girl power with a walk that no one else could match & just simply had to call her Fierce- in the most powerful amazonian way with a roar that leaves you in awe wondering about the mystery behind the surface! Naomi took the baton from great global Black models like Pat Cleveland, Beverly Johnson & Iman & set the world on fire while setting the path for a new generation of a fashion industry that would recognize that “Black is Beautiful too”. Naomi defined the era of true real life “Super Models” who were known worldwide simply by their first names, knew their worth to the fashion industry & demanded to be well compensated for it! These models were more than just hangers for expensive fashion; they were enterprising business women who found their power & “Freedom” in simply being beautiful!

I have always admired Iman as the graceful, elegant & beautiful African woman inside & out that I hope to become, but have always loved Naomi’s power as the unapologetic, hautely fierce down home English-Jamaican of African descendants type of “rude girl” who was a work in progress, thru the confines of the history that all that entails in becoming that full circle woman who both she & I hope to be. Naomi after two decades of being continuously relevant in fashion, an achievement that few can contend with, sat down with Oprah, did the ugly cry & decided to tell her story by bearing her soul & as she says “realizing that you must surrender at some point in your life”!

Naomi has been praised, celebrated, ridiculed & judged by a world that lifts up celebrities & icons as false idols to admire & worship while waiting for the opportunity to tear them down from their mantle & idol worship. Human beings often forget that public figures are simply human beings in extraordinary situations. We are so quick to judge without truly knowing anyone’s full story or remembering & recognizing our own, in the fact that we are all a work in progress. There is no amount of money & fame that can compensate for deep rooted feelings & emotional childhood baggage of abandonment, lack of love & trust of family & those who one considers true friends. As the saying goes ” Never judge a man/woman until you have walked in their shoes”. Many of us would love to have the opportunity to walk in the exterior glamourous life & Louboutin’s of Naomi- I mean hell- even one of the most influential & loved women in the world, billionaire one name wonder, Oprah, said she would look at Naomi & want to walk a day in her shoes, but we must all be careful of what we wish for as we focus on the exterior because when the mask comes off the consequences are often grave!

For many of us it takes us a lifetime to find our inner peace, our true selves, our true happiness in allowing us to love ourselves fully & to just simply BE! For some they never find that place, but Naomi magnificently approaching 40 with all of her accomplishments & life trials seems to be on the road to a peaceful existence in truly loving herself by finding true love in the strength & solid foundation of a strong man, a strong mother who recognizes & apologizes for her own faults & failures that her child had to carry in trying to be the best she could be & thru real solid friends who have remained with her thru her darkest times & have simply allowed her to find her strength & power in her vulnerability to just BE! Love is by far the most powerful thing on this earth & without it we are all broken! Find love, spread love & receive love because thru love we all come to find the freedom to realize that past hurts can leave us bruised but not broken!

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