Osibi -Ghana’s Hi-Life & The Roots & Culture of Global African Music

It should be no surprise to anyone that the roots of music came from Africa, but many still deny Africa of her contribution to the world, civilization  & the many enjoyable aspects of life that continues to touch our souls generation after generation. Music is definitely one of those aspects of life that touches the core of one’s soul because no matter the moment or feeling of time there is music to heal, rejuvenate , rejoice & to express what our own words sometimes can not. From old legacy to new generation legacy, the roots of global African music lives on from afrobeat, to reggae, to soul, to funk, to pop, to jazz, to hip-hop &  back to traditional African roots music. As the late great orator James Baldwin said -“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”

African drums are the beginning of global music’s roots to me. African drums in particular are like ravishingly loud silent films because they are able to tell a full story with so much expression that one has no need for words. From Reggae, to bomba, to Cuban Jazz,to rock, to blues, to jazz and all points in between, Africa’s descendants have traveled & settled the world in the foundation of  African elements in all musical expressions in expansions, which can not be denied.  A history of  Global African music that is so irreplaceable  & so loved the world over that nation after nation have dedicated weeks & months in its honor & recognition. As we celebrate Black Music Month this June , let us make sure to remember the roots & culture of Global Black music as we preserve & pass on history as modern day griots.

The time will come when Americans will give you a paper to tell you that you are a master drummer from Ghana” Mustafa Teddy Addy-Ghanaian Master Drummer

From Africa to the world with love- our historical musical roots!