Nneka: The New Decade Revolutionary-Using Music As The Weapon!

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nneka-concrete jungleIt is recorded that 1 out of every 4 Africans is Nigerian, so it was only a matter of time for a Nigerian to take up the baton of Fela, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah & other African revolutionaries to start the new decade revolutionizing of Africans. After living in the wild wild west of Warri, Nigeria choked by the sorrow, tears & blood that has become the regular trademark of the never ending battle over the Niger Delta’s oil, planting one’s musical seeds & making it in a concrete jungle thirsty for the return & semblance of the newness & righteous revolution once personified through the hip-hop movement, brings arms opened in welcome & ecstatic bright smiles with the staple feverish head nod & fists pumping in the air! This is exactly the type of energy Nneka has been bringing & receiving throughout Europe for the past few years leading to a MOBO award as the best African Act of the Year. On February 2nd, Nneka released her US debut Concrete Jungle to rave reviews in an often cynical, contradictory American music industry where Taylor Swift, Beyonce & Lil Wayne are the soup de jour of the critical masses. Nneka is ready to show that she is much more than just the best African Act of the year, one continent at a time -stomping through city to city, state to state with military precision, recruiting soldiers in masses for the movement of Africa as the future!

Nneka is a modern day revolutionary much like her Nigerian counterpart Fela Kuti, who said “Music is the Weapon”! Nneka has her weapon fully loaded & cocked, blasting off in the hearts, minds & souls of music lovers & global seekers of truth, with the bitter sweetness, solace & fight that the truth of a revolutionary brings in the enlightening & awakening of nations of people!

Nneka has brought a world in chaos & confusion a waiting to exhale moment, as the breath of fresh air that the world at large needs. Her US debut is right on time as we celebrate Black History Month, while remembering that at the root of all Black history is Africa! As it has been said “Until Africa is free there will be no peace in the World”! With a newly resurgent fight for African resources by the world at large & all eyes on Africa, Nneka is bringing the message for Africans to wake up -this time the revolution will start within ourselves being accountable & changing from within -leaving behind the cycle of blame of colonialism & slavery in recognition that we have used the same mentality to repeat these offenses upon ourselves as people, nations & as a collective continent.

This time the revolution will be televised, broadcasted, amplified & digitalized for the world to hear & live the message & the fight. No more excuses! Africa has been Americanized & Europeanized for far too long, leaving generations with displaced & misplaced history & little love for self & roots! Nneka unapologetically proclaims, “I am trying to Africanize America.. like the way they say here that’s some real shit”!

Get Globally Fused & Africanized because Africa is the Future! Why? because Nneka said so-LOL!

Organize, Utilize, Revolutionize, Homogenize, Africanize!
Enjoy the new decade’s beautiful ride as you take a listen.
For tour dates & official site:http://www.nnekaworld.com/de/home

Africa is the Beginning & the Future: Wake UP!