Hip-Hop Is Not Dead Series:Drake – Find Your Love

I’ve never been much of a Drake fan. You would think he’s had a few albums under his belt with all the hype, but his debut album is just about to hit on June 15th. I never could understand the hype-but I am feeling the direction that many hip-hop artists are taking hip-hop in this new decade of global movements & globally fused sounds.There is a new elevation of hip-hop coming along from both the old & new skool & I’m loving it! Just maybe, I may just thank Drake later -the ironic title of his debut album. From what I hear “Thank Me Later” wil have you thanking Drake, but wait & decide for yourself if he’s the best you ever had. This video is hot -but we get it already Drake- you are a booty man-LOL! Big up JA!

The worst thing about crossing a line is when you don’t know you already have…
” the man name puffy he’s a bad man, mad man, bad man …you don’t want to get involved with it…” Hmm what’s that about-Is Drake making statements now-LOL!

I’m more than just an option,,Hey, Hey, Hey..refuse to be forgotten Hey, Hey, Hey..I took a chance with my heart..Hey, Hey, Hey..And I feel it taking over..I better find your lovin’..”

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