Global Fusion Playlist:Starshell – SuperLuva

The “queen of hip-hop soul”, Mary J. Blige is ready to introduce you to her new princess, who goes by the name Starshell. Blige’s Matriarch Records imprint is ready to give Akon’s Konvict Muzik imprint a run for its Gaga-LOL! Starshell has already been compared to Lady Gaga, so much so that her song “Superluva” was posted on youtub as a Gaga song, leading Mary J. Blige to go on twitter to set the record straight that the songstress behind those intoxicating dance vocals is her artist Starshell & not Lady Gaga. “Superluva” is a catchy great dance song that will sure have those in the drop-tops & in the clubs this summer pumping their fists & shaking their asses!

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