Global Fusion Playlist: Rihanna – Hard ft. Jeezy

I am still waiting for Rihanna to pay homage to Queen Grace Jones for her full throttle “Swagga Jackin” into her lucrative good girl gone bad artistry & career! Imagine these two Carribbean beauties collaborating on a album-whoa that would be Pure Fyah!

This is by far one of my favorite videos & songs by Rihanna -she goes hard in everyday on this -the video, the fashion & the lyrics! She definitely made a statement to many people in & out of her life with this one! Who ever wrote the lyrics for her definitely had her in mind because whether you think she is overexposed in more ways than one-“that Rihanna reign just won’t let up”! Jeezy was a cool but unnecessary edition to this because the Bajan princess went so Hard on this one all by herself!

They can say whatever..I’ma do whatever..No pain is forever Yup! You know this..Tougher than a lion..Ain’t no need in tryin..I live where the sky ends Yup! You know this..Never lying..Truth teller..That Rihanna reign just won’t let up..All black on..Black top shades..Black top maybach..I’ma rock this sh*t..Like fashion..As in goin to this Gang stop..And my runway never looked so clear..But the hottest bit** in heels right here..No fear..And while you’re gettin your cry on..I’m gettin my fly on..Sincere..I see you aiming at my pedestal..I better let you know..That I, I, I, I’m so hard..”

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