Global Fusion Playlist :Lauryn Hill-Ex factor (live)

What more can I possibly say about Lauryn Hill‘s greatness but to say yes I am a forever fan. She is amongst the great musicologists who actually sounds better live with her natural voice than mastered studio productions which is beyond rare.  It is amazing when an artist touches & defines an entire generation & shakes it to its core! My generation is so blessed to have had Lauryn just like generations past had Aretha, Roberta, Patti, Chaka, Billie, Dinah, Sarah,  Nina, Sade & so many female musical greats who seem to be anointed with the gift of voice in a way that cuts deep within your soul. When these ladies tell the band to bring it out because pure soul filled love  & raw emotion gets poured out in a way that forces anyone in the vicinity of its sound to feel it at their core.

Lauryn is a living icon:unconventionally fashionable within her freedom of expression that is very much her own, while setting trends. Lauryn exudes grimy, ethereal, beautiful, angelic hardcore rude girl stylee that is unmatched. The Power of Ms. Lauryn Hill is spiritually annointed & God sent. The power of Soul is Lauryn Hill. Lauryn makes you believe that some artists are just undeniably blessed! If she never does another album again her legacy will still live many artists of today can you really say that about? Music is not just words &  chords, music is a spiritual weapon…Thank You Ms. Hill for providing the finest weapon to slay all the woes of our spirit!

I am beyond ecstatic that Lauryn has decided to come back to us with new music & a series of concert dates in North America. I hope we will remember just how much we missed her by remembering to love her, embrace her & support her  in a way that she will never feel abandoned or overwhelmed by her fame so much that she feels the need to leave us for such an extended period again to get back to her life & soul. Respect & Appreciate the growth of an artist because through that is where greatness manifests.  We should never wait until artists are dead & gone to celebrate them…give accolades & lay flowers at the feet of those whom you love when they can enjoy the touch & smell of the glory & passion of the sentiment. Teena Marie was one of those artists that gave her heart & soul like Lauryn Hill but never was celebrated the way she deserved..We must learn to take care of & cherish the gifts that we are given in human & spiritual formations!

Pay special attention from 4:43-5:45…the power of a lyricist

Wherever I go low or high places,I have to represent the truth…once the lights R turned on U realize u’ve been in the dark for a long time…I want to let young people know that it is not a burden to love him & to represent him & to be who you are as fly & as hot & as whatever & to still love God & to serve him…it’s not a contradiction…It Is Not A Contradiction! ”
AMEN Lauryn…Nuff Respect…To thyself be true…Leave all judgment 2 the almighty

“Problem…Cause..and Solution free your mind we all think that the gospel is join a church building and that’s deception… The Real gospel is Repent. Which means let go of all that crap – is killing you- life is supposed to be a pleasurable experience…“Amen!
Jut in case you were wondering why Lauryn will be back in due time… Her time…Growth is Real
4 love is patient, love is kind.It does not envy.It does not boast,it is not proud.

“Lauryn Hill has reportedly added a new date to her upcoming tour of the Northeast. The former Fugees frontwoman will now appear at New York City’s Gansevoort Park Hotel for their New Year’s eve rooftop celebration. Tickets for the event are currently on sale through the hotel’s official website and cost $150 per person. The new date will fall amongst a previously announced tour that kicks off on December 27 at the Highline Ballroom in New York. Hill will also make appearances in the Midwest and Canada before finishing up at the Welmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey, on February 4. In other news, the singer recently told MTV that she is “getting closer” to releasing a new record. Upcoming Lauryn Hill tour dates are listed below.”
12/27 – New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom

12/28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

12/31 – New York, NY @ Gansevoort Park Hotel

1/1 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

1/3 – New York, NY @ The Blue Note

1/4 – New York, NY @ The Blue Note

1/5 – New York, NY @ The Blue Note

1/8 – Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend

1/9 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel

1/12 – Charleston, SC @ The Music Farm

1/14 – Atlanta, GA @ Centerstage

1/16 – St. Louis, Mo @ The Pageant

1/18 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue

1/20 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues

1/22 – Toronto, Ontario @ Sound Academy

1/23 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis

1/29 – Atlantic City, NJ @ House of Blues

2/4 – Montclair, NJ @ The Wellmont Theatre