Barabás Lőrinc Ends His World Tour In New York

Freshly off of his European Tour, Barabás Lőrinc took America by storm with a three week tour covering Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. The classically trained Hungarian trumpeter and composer showcased his versatility in style and elevation of classical jazz in a new era that fuses many genres of music from electronic, to pop, to Euro-house, layered with synthesizers that perfectly blend the analog and digital worlds together to create a sound ripe for this generation; yet reminiscent of New York in the 80’s and 90’s – where one could find a global mixture of patrons at clubs listening to punk rock, pop, hip-hop and house music with the likes of Blondie and Fab 5 Freddy in a perfect rapture.

Barabás Lőrinc in his musical formation and collaborations shows that he sees no borders when it comes to the art of music because music is truly a universal language that cuts across all man made boundaries, limitations and labels. Barabás Lőrinc has worked with artists from around the world including: Bonobo, Nicola Conte, Erik Truffaz, and Valerie June in 2014- as she toured with the late great Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. As Nina Simone once said “an artist’s duty is to reflect the times”. While some artists choose to speak to the horrors of the times in reflection, Barabás Lőrinc like his song “Strange Night” from his 2009 album Trick, which fused his classic jazz trumpet with soul and hip-hop sounds, chooses to give us a reason to lift our heads up, while making our way through faith with music that gives the listener a reason to dance and smile. With six independently produced albums to his name in a period of ten years, Barabás Lőrinc has continued to show his versatility in creating sonically different albums that have crossed over and fused different genres of music, while remaining true to his classic jazz roots, letting the world know that he is not an artist that can be put in any box when it comes to his musical talents.

His American tour introduced two unique styles of shows on different nights. One showcasing his latest album Beardance (Barabás Lőrinc Quartet), which seduces the listener with more traditional jazz sounds, where his classical trumpet takes center stage amongst a live band consisting of piano, bass and drums. Whereas the other show presented his 2013 album Sastra and 2015’s Elevator Dance Music, bringing the usually shy and reserved artist out of his shell in creating a EDM style rave as a one man band, playing the role of DJ and multi-instrumentalist, conjuring up the perfect dance grooves with computer generated visuals that put the audience in a happy trance of dance in a seemingly shock and awe state of mind as they enjoyed a unique experience in local bars like Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn, where the last of his shows took place. With a resurgence of the love for live music in local hipster style bars and clubs, it seems like the eclectic multi-genre style of jazz-fusion music that Barabás Lőrinc serves up is right on time for a generation that likes the comforts of the familiar elevated to a new experience that reflects the times.

Barabás Lőrinc has always defied the odds of limitations, as a competitive swimmer in his childhood competing in national and international competitions, when some of his friends decided to become Paralympic champions, Lőrinc followed his dreams of becoming an internationally recognized musician. Where many see the impossible of a one-armed trumpet player, Barabás Lőrinc can only see “I’m Possible” in his seamlessly effortless stage shows and musical productions, where he takes on the roles of artist, producer and composer, whether in collaboration with a live band, as a one man band or scoring for films.

As many artists struggle for funding in times of austerity, Hungary as a nation is setting the example by supporting and growing its artist community in seeing the importance of funding the arts and utilizing its artists as global ambassadors. With sponsorship from Cseh Tamas Program, Barabás Lőrinc was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with artists worldwide, including New York based artists:  Rene Ferrer and Alon Cohen on this world tour. When an artist loves his art it becomes infectious to the audience, which was undeniable in seeing the smiles, screams, whistles and applause from the people witnessing a new and unique artist. Barabás Lőrinc is unstoppable in his zeal to take the sound of his city of Budapest and classical trumpet globally as he seeks more collaborations and fusions worldwide. With technology and social media making the arts and artists more and more accessible to global audiences, Barabás Lőrinc is definitely an artist to watch for 2017 as he continues to shine his star power on the world, one tour at a time.

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