Africa For Africa -From Africa With Fury: Rise -The Legacy of Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti

If this isn’t the time for the legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti to shout out Africa for Africa & to come out of Africa With Fury & Rise, then I don’t know when it will ever be the right time for the the Kalakuta Republic‘s heirs, Seun Anikulapo & Femi Kuti to make like generation Marley & keep the Afrobeat name & legacy forever in a global fusion expansion that credits their father & carries on a legacy for many generations to come. This my friends is the difference between riches & wealth! Riches can always be taken away, but wealth is forever!

What the world  & generations over know as Reggae can never be separated from the name Bob Marley & Bob Marley can never be separated from Reggae ! What the world & generations over know as Afrobeat can never be separated from Fela Kuti  & Fela Kuti can never be separated from Afrobeat . From  Kingston to Lagos the roots of global  soul continues to grow & rise in its exclusively inclusive formations!

Afrobeat has to go from stage to studio, not studio to stage,” he says.  “I don’t believe in going into the studio to write songs.  You create music in the world, outside, in the environment.  You create music with nature, not in the studio.  You go to the studio to record, that’s it.  Music created in the studio is commercial music, music that only wants to sell, that has nothing to do with the world.”..Read More

At the time I made the album, I felt Africa was losing its grip on the issue of Africa,” he says. “We are getting to where we are not addressing the main problems in Africa and I wanted Africans to focus on what our true issues are. We are forgetting that Africa is really a colonial structure at this point. We are forgetting our history, forgetting our brothers and sisters. And we need to care. I was thinking about the war in Rwanda,” he continues. “When they told us about that, I didn’t know about anything. The national media was not informing the rest of Africa. They did not tell me in Nigeria. CNN was not telling me what was going on. So as Africans we don’t care about Africa. We need to care..” Read More

I see Ziggy & Femi reflected through Stephen & Seun as they pass the baton of the legacy to a new generation upholding the heart, movements & spirit of Bob & Fela! Seun Kuti & Stephen Marley represent the new generation global fusionist, eerily authentic in the sound & experience of their father’s words & soul with a re-evolution that says this time we’re going to get it right because their elder brothers before them embraced being their brother’s keeper & having Africa for Africa. The legacy of the M.OP. came to CONQUER Not to Bow & they used music as a weapon because once it hits you, you feel no pain.

Seun continues to show his endless & effortless global reach with his new project with famed DJ/Producer- Gilles Peterson. Damn Gilles Peterson your music just turns me on….don’t hurt em’…I am loving the tracks ..”U got me feeling like …breath”! Thanks for taking us all worldwide!

As our Cuban & Malian brothers said in the documentary AfroCubism La Musica Es tiene frontera…Music Is Universal..It Has No Boundaries” – Eliades Ochao guitarist/vocalist, Musician/Cuban/global fusionist

Music is its own language..I say it’s “music” that we speak in this project” -La musique est sa propre langue .. je dis que c’est”musique”que nous parlons dans ce projet

Toumani Diabte -Musician/Artist/Kora player/Malian/Global Fusionist

Support our global African musical legacies & global fusions…support the new generations of musical greatness..Generation Marley..Generation Kuti…this summer will surely be filled with global African musical brilliance with all these new works coming out right in time for the global African re-evolution of the revolution!! It’s Time for us All To Wake Up!

Over the course of a one-hour interview, Seun Kuti talks – engagingly, entertainingly, animatedly, often hilariously – about a range of subjects. He talks about religion (“Do I believe in God? Of course not! Don’t be stupid!”), about his love of Arsenal (“We need a few taller players”), about working with Brian Eno (“A musical genius. He is not Brian Eno for nothing”), about spending time in Paris (“Can I speak French? Not much. Enough for the ladies”), and about events in the Middle East (“The west will make fools of themselves in Libya, mark my words”)….He also, inevitably, talks about his father. Seun (pronounced Shay-oon, an abbreviation of Oluseun), is the youngest son of the late, great Fela Kuti, and the one seen as Fela’s anointed successor. He first guested on stage with his father aged eight (at the Harlem Apollo, of all places) and inherited Fela’s Egypt 80 big band at the age of 14 when his father died.” READ MORE

The wind of change is blowing through this continent, and whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact. We must all accept it as a fact, and our national policies must take account of it.”...READ MORE

Africans Must Love Africa..Africa For Africa Is The Way!!!

Fela has risen again. FELA! cast member Abena Koomson wrote in again from Lagos, where the performances have officially begun with a first show at Fela’s New Afrika Shrine. She emailed this skin-tingling report:

“The performance at the Shrine was unbelievable. It felt like that performance was the sole reason why this play was every created: to pay homage to Fela in his home, to give an offering and to receive a blessing. It’s such a remarkable thing that the entire Broadway cast had a chance to experience it. I was talking to Femi (Kuti) backstage during one of our rehearsals and he was wowed. He said first of all, that the Shrine audience does not clap. That he had never seen that happen. And even during our rehearsals we were getting uproarious applause. By the time we got to the actual tribute, it was tenfold. The people I talked to were proud of us. It was a homecoming.” READ MORE