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Mali -1st African Team to Record a Win at AFCON 2013- As it Tries to Recover Its Fleeting Democracy

Before Mali went on the pitch against Niger, I said that I would like to see a Malian win to lift the spirits of a nation in serious turmoil. Music and Sports are Weapons that cross borders peacefully and I want to see Mali return to music and sport! As the final score read 1-0 for Mali , I realized I had gotten my wish. Although I wanted my Ghana Black Stars to be the first team at AFCON2013 to record a win,we recorded the first goal of the games, so I must say I am overjoyed for Mali. A nation experiencing so much unnecessary destruction at the hands of extremists and foreigners who use foolish ideology and bastardaization of religion to destroy history and all that God and mankind has worked to create for the enjoyment of all. Mali is rich in music, arts, photography, and now we know in football. This win could not have happened to a better nation once heralded a a beacon of democracy in an Islamist nation. I wish as Africans we can come together in unity in our daily lives the same way we do on the pitch for our teams. Who could ever forget how the entire Africa and a lot of the world rallied around Ghana in the World Cup , when the Black Stars so aptly named were the last ones standing for Africa.

Going Forward as we continue 2013:ReClaiming period,  I have great hopes for Africa that we will find our light unblinded by foreign interference and the repeat of the type of history that has never had any mercy for us, our kindness, our trust nor our future. We need to honor our ancestors, ourselves and the truth in understanding that extremists and terrorists are not born but created, and we are not the ones creating such evil within and upon ourselves to stagnate and eliminate our growth and destiny. Forward Ever Mali and Africa!

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