The Global Fusion Playlist @ The Movies :Vanishing Seeds! Rebekah Frimpong-Black Star Rising!

Black Stars continue to rise globally staying true to Ghana’s national slogan of Forward Ever, BackWard Never! Ms. Rebekah Frimpong: Filmmaker/Poet/Mentor/Activist is a Global Fusionist that you will be sure to hear more about soon. From pageant crowns to being in the  front lines of a global revolution for sustenance, land and one’s human right to participate in one’s own self-preservation to prevent vanishing seeds in favor of growth & self sustainability, Rebekah shows that beauty is truly skin deep. Rebekah emanates beauty  from the exterior by shining the light into its deepness. Check out Rebekah’s upcoming project, Vanishing Seeds, where she manifests her words

Revolution over loot! Africa must be free in our hearts, Africa is our home only we can change the landscape of tomorrow…”

Vanishing Seeds From Haiti to Ghana… One Seed Can Make A Difference.

About The Vanishing Seeds Film Project.

The Vanishing Seeds film project was developed as a program that would use the medium of film as an educational tool to teach audiences about the devastating effects of deforestation. Vanishing Seeds also will educate individuals and communities on how to combat deforestation with active volunteerism and public campaigns. The Vanishing Seeds project was developed by Rebekah A. Ofori-Frimpong in partnership with Trees for the Future Caribbean and African department. This project will include a year long campaign that will include film screenings, educational seminars, volunteering initiatives, and community programming. The Vanishing Seeds films will serve as public service announcements to educate various communities in the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa. The Vanishing Seeds Films will follow the work of Trees for the Future in Haiti and Ghana as Miss Ghana USA 2010/11 finalist Rebekah A. Ofori-Frimpong documents the efforts on ground in both Haiti and Ghana. Trees for the Future as of 2009 started two new tree planting programs in both Haiti and Ghana to further support the ongoing reforesting projects in place and Vanishing Seeds from Haiti to Ghana will show this progression. READ MORE

Find out more about Rebekah other philanthropic initiative, Mama Africa . Sending personalized care packages to mothers in need in Africa and US. Read More Here