OWN: Not the First Black-Owned Network

I am so happy that The Root took us back to our roots by showing us that “Yes We Can & Have”!  Sometimes it is not just the rest of the world that has short term memory when it comes to Black achievement, this amnesia often effects Global Africans as well when it comes to self awareness &  knowledge of the blueprint to do whatever we want to do in this world knowing that it has been done before or at the very least in a similar manner by someone who looked just like us facing even harder times, who refused to accept  any association with the word impossible when it came to achieving their goals & dreams. There are those like Chuck Johnson, the pioneering broadcaster who owned Soul Beat Television Network based in Oakland California since 1978 & African media moguls like Raymond Dokpesi AKA the Ted Turner of Nigeria & owner of  African Independent Television, the first private television network in Nigeria-Africa’s most populous nation.

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network is not the only wonderful achievement of its kind by a Global African, but  just one of many that came before & will hopefully continue to come after. As much as I would love to see some more global African faces on OWN, OWN has raised the bar in showing that a Black owned network can service the mainstream population without the question of race just as White owned networks have serviced the minority populations without the question of race of ownership. Each achievement to control & showcase our own image should elevate us to the next level of achievement. Oprah is a force to reckon with, she continues to teach us that where there is a will & hard work there  will always be a way, while motivating us all as global fusionists to step up !

Africa has always had Black owned networks even if they were often government owned until recent years where private sector opportunities opened up e & a few years ago Brazil was looking to launch its answer  to serve the needs of the largest Black population outside of Africa with Canal da Gente ,which had a rough road to get started & never truly got off of its feet as expected. If there is any lesson we can learn from those who have achieved their goal of network ownership like Oprah & Walter Morgan of UBU is that persistence is key because when one door closes another one opens.

Now that her new network, OWN, is officially on the air, Oprah Winfrey joins a long line of black entrepreneurs who have launched their own cable networks — with varying success….” READ MORE