Celebrating The Black Girls Who Taught Me How To Rock!

Reminiscing & missing the Black Star nation, I indulged in conversation with my elders AKA seniors as they told stories of the days when they lived in the same complex as Meriam Makeba- African immigrants looking for the American dream while counting the days when they would finally return home…my modern day griots told me stories of late nights with Fela from Lagos, to Accra to London to New York City & how clouds of smoke surrounded the man they call Robet Nester Marley at various places where they were in his company! How Hi-Life bands & clubs throughout West Africa bred Afro-Beat & fused traditional African roots music with western influences of Funk, Rock n Roll, Blues, R& B & Soul that became a Global Pan-African sound from Africa to her Diaspora !!!

As the holidays approach, families will come together in bad times, in good times, in peace & in war, but ultimately as a family, without whom life as we know it would not be the same. Today I celebrate the Colored/Black Girls turned Black Women who taught me how to be a Black Girl That Rocks!

Super Hero Living Goddesses :From my momma to my aunties who rocked the fiercest looks & super hero earrings -These Black Girls Rock!

Awukuga-Ghana Princess: The aunt that carried a feirce rifle as a member of the Ghana Police Force by day & became the ultimate supermodel by night! This is how Black Girls Rock!

The Root of all the precious women fruits, whom gave birth to me & raised me in the example of “it takes a village to raise a child“!

The Haute Village Chosen to Raise me: My God parents!

Trend Setter: Exaggerated Sleeves & Ruffles, High waisted Shorts & Lace up boots -Still in Fashion after all these years!

African Queen With a love for global Music: The root that bore me as her fruit!

The Fruit : Love of music, love of photographs, love of fashion, love of living the haute life to its fullest from yankee, to Ghana, to Yankee & back again! as Jay Z’ said on Shake Your BodyShe get it from her mama…I got the best of both worlds“!

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jaypianist26 said it best for me as she poetically describes how this Beautiful Master Class of 4 Black Girls ROCKED!

“wow Marsha looks gooood now!! remember her back in Floetry??…I loved everything about this performance….Kelly preserved the pure R&B vibe of the song, Marsha’s melodic ideas were absolute genius, Jill really brought the lyrics to life, and Ledisi……well she just tore the house down (along with the house next door, a few trees and any neighbouring cars)!!!From start to finish, this was a vocal masterclass..”