Talking Kente and the Economical Viability of Ghana’s Fashion Industry

A lovely Saturday spent live on EezyFM107.5 #SaneGbaa radio show hosted by world renown Ghanaian Architect and Creator of Inno-Native Architecture concept -Joe Addo and world renown musician, Hugh Masekela. This is a weekly show speaking on important national and global topics pertaining to Art, Culture and the creative sector in general. Saturday’s topic was on #Fashion #Kente #EconomicViabilityOfFashionInGhana #Globalization #PolicyMaking #ProtectingAndPreservingCulture #BrandingGhana #GhanaAt60

I, along with esteemed panelist, included leaders in Ghana’s fashion and media industries such as Ester Armah (Radio Host and Founder of EA Media Productions), Joyce Ababio (Fashion Designer/ Founder of Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design), Belinda Baidoo (Belinda Baidoo Model Search Africa currently on GHOne) , Makeba Boateng (MCPR/Fashion Forum Africa), and Rema, who just curated an exhibition on kente in Ghana from both the Ashanti and Ewe cultures for Ghana’s Diamond Jubilee anniversary.

There was great talk about the need for a viable plan to brand Ghana for the future in its economic pursuits, particularly in the fashion sector, along with the need for policy and proper trademarking of national identity in our kente and adinkra symbols. As these distinct parts of Ghana’s national culture have caught on globally through the art and fashion sectors, and as the world of fashion has been taking inspiration from Africa for centuries and most aggressively in the past two decades; it is catamount that the nation recognize the arts and fashion industries as an important contributor to its economic development and globalization. There is also a great need to tell Ghana’s centuries long story in fashion and the arts as many at home and abroad have not been privy to the depths of Ghana’s global contributions in these sectors.

We were honored with the presence of Photography Icon and Living Legend James Barnor whose exhibitions are ongoing at @archiafrika and @movenpick_accra … If you have not seen them yet do yourself a favor and get a dose of Ghana’s history at home and abroad spanning over 60 years via the lens of one of our national treasures.

Written by aretha amma sarfo