African Representation in the Beauty Industry: SheaMoisture CEO Richelieu Dennis


When you have a plan and do great business, the market and money will come. A great amount of major beauty brands source ingredients for their products in Africa… Shea butter has become ubiquitous in so many beauty products and even food products, yet one will be be hard pressed to name an international recognized beauty brand from Africa. Is it that many African nations do not make the business climate easy for African entrepreneurs in Africa, or is it that we only acquire the true hustle mode to dream big and make big things happen when we leave Africa? I see so many Ghanaians complain of lack of jobs and not having money, yet I constantly have to battle and force Ghanaians to work- when they are being paid in accordance to their own asked for prices to do said work. Our customer service and enthusiasm about work in Ghana is lacking in the most painful of ways, to a point that I repeatedly go to the same people -no matter how near or far- who give me good, quality and friendly service. It’s sad that we raise our bar in work ethic more so abroad while working for others than at home in building our national economies and building our standing locally and globally.

The story of Richelieu Dennis should have easily been a homegrown African based story, but somehow from what I witness daily in work ethic and the confidence of my people to go beyond mediocrity – it’s hard to imagine. Out from ashes a phoenix can rise up globally from tradition, culture and dreams. We all have something to offer the world regardless of economic status or geographical location. Great to see more global inclusion at the table of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Africa must do more than just enrich the world with its raw materials. Manufacturing, packaging and local and global branding must be the next step.

“When you are able to have the relationship where you can talk about what you think merchandising ought to be and actually see that come to fruition and see your product in an environment where that is and it is respectful of the consumer that you are serving, That’s the Wow! -Richelieu Dennis CEO of SunDial Creations/Shea Moisture

….Still mad that some of Shea Moisture’s ingredients are being sourced in Ghana, but the finished product is not sold in Ghana- I need my dry oil mist for the body ASAP! Why can we import foreign brands without African affiliation and not foreign brands with African affiliation. Seeing images of any people in success allows others who identify to also see their own ability for such success.



Written by aretha amma sarfo