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Intra-Africa Travel: The Neglected Sector of Travel and Tourism

Now, more than ever, there are Black and Africa focused travel groups like Tastemakers Africa, Travel Noir, Up In The Air Life and so many others springing up everywhere with […]

CSR News: Italian Luxury Fashion House: Fendi Funds Rehabilitation of Trevi Fountain In Rome

Take notes global brands and fashionistas – corporate entities and fashion can help build and beautify nations eternally! With so many companies setting up CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) departments in efforts […]

Sankofa & Global Immigrant Life: Alek Wek Returns To Sudan & African Immigrants Tell Their Stories From Africa To Australia

It’s beautiful to see the life stories of African immigrants being told. I give praises to the wonderful filmmakers particularly those from Africa who are telling our stories through our […]

Black Stars Rising: Students of Ghana International School Bring The Musical Fame To The National Theater

It seems like the Black Star nation has taken the Diddy pill because they just “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” in terms of showcasing the power of Ghana’s creativity. I am […]

Talib Kweli & Memphis Bleek In Ghana To Celebrate 54 Years of Independence

It seems hip-hop stars are recognizing the Black Star Shine of Ghana & broadening their perspectve in audience, how to make money in a struggling music industry & how to […]

Global Travel & Fashion with Alek Wek:Serving Her Royalty Right!

Supermodel Alek Wek is the epitome of global style that is authetically African to the core. The dark chocolate statuesque Sudanese beauty adds the allure of royalty to everything she […]

Winter Music Conference-(SOBE) Miami, FL -Where Luxury or Budget Can Still Find You Fun In The Sun!

Miami is one of those places that I have always had a love/hate relationship with. I love to go there because it is a quick, cheap trip from New York […]

Ghana- A Tribute to Love,the Black Star Nation & my Black Star Dreams!

For me Africa , Ghana in particular, will always represent my beginning & my future. As I go back to my beginnings to reach out for my future, I realized […]

Bijagos, West Africa

“In a village on the island of Soga, the little children pinched my white skin to see if it was real, as they emerged from mud-walled, thatched-roofed huts; on the […]