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BEASTS OF NO NATION: The Danger of Africa’s Single Story

A few weeks ago I found myself in a terrible state of mourning my beloved grandmother. A woman who was the matriarch of my original village of Black girls who […]

Telling Our Own Stories : AfricanstoryTV, An African City and Belle

It has been said many times over in the narrative of “Africa Rising“, that the digital age is Africa’s game changer in rebuilding and rebranding a continent and its global […]

GlobalFusion Playlist: I Want To Thank You By Alicia Myers -Celebration of Global Pride and Rainbows

#GlobalFusion #Playlist #IWantToThankYou #SaturdayKindofLove #CelebratingTheBeautyOfRainbows “Hope is a powerful weapon, and [one] no one power on earth can deprive you of” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela It was beautiful to wake up today […]

Conspiring to Inspire : 44th NAACP Image Awards Makes History in Highest Viewership: Remembering Rosa Parks

The first day of Black History Month opened with the 44th NAACP Image Awards shedding a light on Black America’s history: past, present and future. While celebrating Black history, the […]

Celebrating Global Black History During America’s Black History Month

I have always wondered during Black History month where the stories of the Blacks from the continent of Africa and the rest of her  Diaspora were? If we are going […]

The Spirit of Mali is Music -The War Against Music and Culture In Mali

As it has been said “Music is for Life”, without music where would the world be? The late great Nigerian Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti declared “Music is a weapon”! A weapon so powerful […]

No Validation Necessary :Bronx Woman Booted from TEDx Conference Creates Her Own Event

As the world celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, some of the most profound statements he ever made relative to our times today were from the Birmingham jail and when […]

Africa Rising: African albums to watch out for in 2013

With the world’s hot love affair with the African continent, African artists are slowly becoming a force to reckon with globally. The sounds of Africa are once again becoming the soundtrack […]

Global Fusion Playlist : What’s Going On By Marvin Gaye

Classics are decided by the times and the people. Imagine a world without Marvin Gaye and What’s Going On! Never!!! This album was rejected by Barry Gordy (Mr. Motown), but now […]

Happy New Year 2013 : IMANI (Faith)

Echoing the late great Nina Simone -today is a New Day, A New Dawn, A New Life for all of us and we should all be feeling good! As we […]