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Our Palm Oil Is Not Adulterated: Ghana Market Women Fighting For Livelihood and Industrial Legacy

All around the world we need to get serious about the job of our FDA to protect its citizens from tainted food sources. These past weeks have been a food […]

The Pursuit Of Peace : Mental Health Wellness

This is the first blog I have written on this Global Fusion Productions site in almost a year because the upkeep, the money put into it and the constant back […]

No Validation Necessary :Bronx Woman Booted from TEDx Conference Creates Her Own Event

As the world celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, some of the most profound statements he ever made relative to our times today were from the Birmingham jail and when […]

Palm Oil : Dr. Oz’s 13 Miracles for 2013

Note to Africans: Stop foolishly changing your naturally made in Africa diet to meet western standards because eventually they will come back and resell your original diet to you as […]

Yoga & The Era of Culture Vulturism & Capitalism

As we all seek spiritual elevation, it seems many are taking advantage of these desires in the form of cultural vulturism & capitalism.  It seems more & more Hindus are […]

Africa/Africans are on a global rise!

This was a great weekend for Africa/Africans in New York with two Africans winning the New York marathon & making marathon history. Ethiopia’s former world and Olympic 10,000 meters champion […]

Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth around many parts of the globe has always taken place at home with a midwife or doula. This has always been tradition in many places in Africa, South […]

At Home Birth – Mother’s point of view: Zen LaBossiere Honeycutt

[slideshow id=17] G Fuser Profiles! Name: Zen LaBossiere Honeycutt Current Global Location: SoCal! Irvine, Califonia I rep for: Chinese and French, Connecticut born, USA. My Global Fusion is : Using […]

At home Birth – Nurse/Doula’s point of view: Stephanie Wolf Powell

G Fuser Profiles! Stats Name: Stephanie Wolf Powell Current Global Location: Brooklyn, NY I rep for: Bay Area, California My Global Fusion : working with pregnant women and their babies […]

Eden Spa

[slideshow id=18] Eden Day Spa one of the largest day spas in New York at 8000 square feet. 388 Broadway NY.NY 10013 p:212-226-0515