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Vogue Italia Editor Franca Sozzani Gets Introduced To Authentic African Fashion From Ghana, West Africa’s Own Kofi Ansah & WEB

With all things Africa being the “new black” in global fashion, once again Vogue Italia’s Editor in Cheif, Franca Sozzani dared to do what her counterparts Black, White or other […]

What Exactly Is New African Fashion?

I attended the panel discussion on Helen Jennings‘s book “New African Fashion” at the New York Public library the other night. As a great fan of Ghanaian designer Mimi Plange […]

Wunmi From ALA (African Living Abroad) To The Future of the Global African Supershero

If there is a time more than ever when our little girls need a supershero from Africa to her surely is Now. Issues from colorism, racism, sexism & all […]

Fashion Wars- Italy Declares Its Sovereignty & Lets It Be Known That They Are Nobody’s Puttana -Let the Best Win!

Many of us fashion folks have been caught up in the battle by Italians for their sovereignty & to have more of a say in the fashion week calender decision […]

Chale Wote – Ghana’s Street Arts Festival -Honoring The Past By Building The Future

Sometimes in life what makes my day is to hear of other people’s accomplishments. Today is one of those days. As Ghanaians & people all over the world who respect […]

Beauty Empowering Women: Shea Butter & Future Africa’s Beauty Industry

Shea butter has been greasing up African babies to beautiful coats of golden blackness for centuries, but like many of Africa’s natural resources, we fail to see its worth until […]

BET AWARDS 2011: Bringing Back American Soul Music & Missing the Boat on Truly Representing Global Blackness

As much as most people love to hate on BET or we, Black folks worldwide seem to have a love/hate realtionship with ourselves & those who we pay & are […]

Grace in Your Face!

Like the legions of many, I am a Grace Jones fan. There’s just something about Grace Jones that makes you shake your head & want to say “you go Bitch”, […]

Getting To Know Legendary Ghanaian Photographer James Barnor

Before the image of African global chic came in the form of Arise Magazine, there was DRUM Magazine -the most widely read fashion and culture magazine in Africa during the […]