Haiti Needed Our Love, Prayers, Concern & Aid Long Before Her Earthquaked to Wake US All Up!

haitain flagIs either you stand for something or you stand for nothing. Haiti is the way it is by design. It can get better if we want, internationally. We can come in & help. It’s time we give Haiti a pass because Haiti deserves that pass” Wyclef Jean

I hate to bring in cynicism & pessimism during a time of tragedy, but the incessant hypocrisy & charitable profiteering that often comes during times of tragedy must be carefully monitored & called out, so we do not continuously see history repeated. Haiti needed the world’s recognition, love, concern & aid long before the earthquake. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, but this was not always the case. Haiti was once one of the richest nations in the western hemisphere, built & profiteered off of the blood, sweat & tears of African slaves, who regained their freedom thru their struggle, fight, blood, determination, power & uprising in demand for their freedom!

Everyone is standing up for Haiti now, but where have they been all this time as the conditions & deaths of Haitians were mounting. Where was the clean water, food and charitable donations all this time, while Haitians were dying for years from malnutrition & forced to eat clay just to survive. The USA & many other nations of the world have blood on their hands & a role in the disastrous conditions which Haitians have had to endure for so many years because of political & economical motivation & greed. All these nations who have been complaint in turning a blind eye or aiding in the continued suffering of the Haitian people have an opportunity now to right their wrongs. Haitians have their own self to blame in their nation’s condition & demise as well, as their own brothers & sisters keep them from their freedom & civil rights- lacking the fight, unity, pride & leadership of L’Ouverture & allowing the separatist rule of their former colonizers to define their newly found freedom & goverance.

The Haitian Revolution (1791–1804) is the period of violent conflict in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, leading to the elimination of slavery and the establishment of Haiti as the first republic ruled by blacks. Although hundreds of rebellions occurred during the slave era, only the revolt on Saint-Domingue, beginning in 1791, was successful in permanently abolishing slavery. The Haitian Revolution is the only successful slave revolt in human history, and, as such, is regarded as a defining moment in the history of Africans in the new world.
Although an independent government was created in Haiti, its society continued to be deeply affected by the pattern established by the French under colonial rule. The French established a model of minority rule over the illiterate poor using violence and threats. Colonialism and slavery were outlived by the racial prejudice that they had contributed to; the new post-rebellion racial elite (referred to as mulattoes) had African ancestry, but many were also of European ancestry as descendants of white planters. Some had received educations, served in the military, and accumulated land and wealth. Lighter-skinned than most Haitians, who were descendants mostly of former enslaved Africans, these mulattoes dominated politics and economics
.”( Wikipedia)

We learned all too well from hurricane Katrina about profiteering thru tragedy & the horrors of continued racism & colorism. Millions if not billions in charitable donations were given by pulling at the heart strings & the basic goodness of human beings, yet years later many parts of New Orleans whose descendants are the same African slaves from Saint-Domingue/ Haiti, who later became American commodity thru the Louisiana Purchase, have been left in the same horrible conditions -some never to be able to return home because not much has changed in their condition. Who is really being held accountable for all the charitable donations that were given -money that is more than the net worth of some nations, yet thousands are still without basic homes & streets still have not been cleaned or returned to even just their old condition since 2005. I can not see myself ever donating to the Red Cross or even UNICEF because many of these huge global charitable corporations are just that corporations under the guise of charity-giving high paid salaries, spending ridiculous amounts on abundant bureaucracy & holding unprecedented power & access in governments, while giving a small amount of their charitable donations to the people who they are there to serve. I am not suggesting that anyone not donate to them -it’s up to each individual to do their own research & to go with their heart & gut. I am also not saying that these organizations have not or do not do good works, but I am just questioning “at what cost” & if the ends always justify the means.

There are plenty of grass roots charities that have always been there for the people, giving 100% or close to 100% of their donations in service of the people who they are there to serve. It goes beyond just the funding spent, but also the way the services are administered & the abuse of power wielded upon many places suffering from tragedy & a state of vulnerability. I question the charitable places & times where peace keepers become terrorizers & where charity comes at a high cost of freedom, civility & civil rights. This needs to be a new awakening for Haiti, a new decade of redefinition & taking back the dignity & triumphant freedom fought for, won & declared in 1804.

Big up & much praises to Wyclef Jean for being a proud good son of Haiti. Clef was there for his Island when the rest of the world turned a blind eye & governments could care less about the people of Haiti. Yele Wyclef! If you are going to donate to an organization donate to the grassroots organizations that are not motivated to move by government charter & power. Check out a few below.






“Not all aid organizations are created equal. If there are 10,00 aid organizations (pre-earthquake) in Haiti & Haiti is still 1 of the poorest countries in the world, then something’s wrong with the way aid is being administered”

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Where was the aid at this time? Even today in The US if a Haitian flees their waters to reach Miami-around the same proximity as a Cuban-who has a way better life of basic civil services than a Haitian -they are sent back while Cubans are welcomed in with political asylum because the USA has no political or economic interests in Haiti -well at this time anyway! If we want to spread Democracy we have to live & practice democracy in pure & true sense

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  • Tiffany

    January 13, 2010 at 1:36 am

    R.I.P to all who have lost their lives.

  • Vonmiwi

    January 13, 2010 at 3:43 am

    You’re right they have and I attempted to bring awareness to the country by alerting people to the children who were starving in the country.

    Haiti is just like every other cituation that makes people uncomfortable and they rather not acknowledge the truth. Out of sight and out of mind is what they feel.

    When do we get involved, when Angelina Jolie says’s we should? Wyclef has become only one voice that has been doing so much for the country and that’s a great thing. We fail to forget through humanity we’re all connected and I’ll never turn my back on my “kinfolk”.

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