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BET Awards! A Sad Day in Black History!

The BET slogan or theme for the night of the awards was “Recognizing”- so I am recognizing that there were a lot of pitiful less than elevating moments in the […]

President Obama’s Adress & Governor Jindal’s GOP Response

2/24/09 The President of The United States of America, Barack Obama’s speech tonight was as wonderful & applause inviting as I had expected it to be- Come on! this is […]

NEW YORK CITY’S SHOE THROWING REPORTER: Mayor Bloomberg gets the Hugo Chavez comparison question

I was so glad that that reporter threw her stiletto in a form of a hard hitting local/global question that made a leader duck as quickly as he could. She […]


I re-posted this blog because Wanlov posted on Facebook that he wanted Obama’s job – but I believe he already has it thru his music & global philosophy! We All […]


The Sankofa Project Learning, Teaching, Building of Community SANKOFA “return and get it” symbol of  the importance of learning from the past. The Global Fusion Way: savor the good fruits […]

Oko Nyaku – Africans for Obama – Inauguration weekend thru the African Lens

[slideshow id=20] Name: Oko Nyaku My Global Fusion: Photographer/ Photojournalist I Rep For: Ghana, West Africa, Harlem USA

h2empower A non-profit started to build libraries in Ethiopia, sending books and improving education. Started by Hope McGrath and Helen Boxwill to benefit education in Africa.