Project Woodhaven: Rally To Save The Woodhaven Library

I am really starting to lose hope in politicians in general. It seems no matter how much they champion change for the betterment of the people whether it be in cities, towns or nations it all ends up playing out to be the same old tune. The New York City mayor who touted himself as the only experienced fiscal manager who would be able to get New York City successfully through a recession & who promised to put education first when he took over the public school system seems to always put education last. We hear the same words from all politicians whether it is on the grassroots, local or national level constantly making promises to the people which they quickly forego as soon as they are elected. How can we continue to tell our young people that education is the key to the future while they constantly cut the tools necessary for education & put every road block possible in the way of our young people getting the best education in order to reach their full potential?

As the city & state have childish playground types of quarrels amongst themselves over budgets, the everyday people of New York & the youth in particular suffer the consequences. Mayor Bloomberg can find money in the budget to pay for advertising to entice Lebron James to come to the Knicks, but he can’t find money to keep libraries open & to keep teachers in schools. It seems just as Mayor Bloomberg constantly changes party affiliations to suit his political ambitions, he does the same with New York City’s budget. When he was up for reelection he somehow found money for pet projects & surpluses with the MTA giving free bus rides at certain times just to get reelected to all of a sudden find record deficits hitting already strapped & unemployed New Yorkers with two fair hikes during his undemocratically extended mayoral term.

It seems as if Mayor Bloomberg has declared some sort of ill-conceived war  on educational institutions & the teacher’s union because for some reason he thinks teachers should be the ones to sacrifice their menial salaries while unnecessary government consultants get six figure salaries & pay raises, our young people are ultimately the ones who suffer as foolish ego-tripping adults play games with their future. Schools are being closed, teachers are being threatened with firings and libraries are being closed as our youth have to protest to be able to get a chance toward a decent education. Where does our concious & moral compass really lay as we tell kids that education is the passport to their future success in the world, then turn around and put the institutions of education at the top of budget cuts? This issue of unconscionable politricks does not only lay in the hands of Mayor Bloomberg, but also in the hands of most of our politicians on local & national levels. As I walk around New York & speak to people all over the world it seems that the level of insecurity & anxiety are at an all time high all over the world & most people do not feel like their elected leaders are working toward the best interests of the people that they were elected to serve. The level of corruption, unfair practices & the blatant unapologetic lack of concern for the hardships of everyday people will eventually erupt in anger toward an unprecedented revolution because there is only so far that you can push human beings in fragile times without them fighting back.

The young people of  Project Woodhaven are fighting for their chance for the future. It saddens me to no end that yet another library is getting shutdown in New York & it is always the ones in minority communities, serving the largest amounts of people who need the hand up the most & count on the  many services that these libraries provide for their basic survival. What types of lessons are we really teaching our children about our government, about fighting for what you believe in, about a nation that touts governance “for the people by the people” & about humanity in general when it seems no matter how much they protest & fight ultimately their voices will not be heard & do not matter. I really hope our leaders rethink the injustice & harm that they are waging on education & the future of our young people because eventually they & society at large will suffer & pay the ultimate consequence for these unjust actions.

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  • Pigbitin mad

    June 15, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    I know whatcha mean. This LeBron campaign at this particular time is really like a slap in the face when so many people are about to get sacked.

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