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Jamaica & Ghana One Blood -One Language? Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons Similar To Akan

I have always understood that Jamaicans are descendants of enslaved Africans from West Africa & Ghana in particular, but I never realized just how similar our roots run hundreds of years after slavery. As Brazilians in Salvador de Bahia keep the Yoruba roots of tradition & language alive in modern day Brazil, Jamaican Maroons keep the Akan traditions & language alive in modern day Jamaica.

When Jamaica’s native son Marcus Garvey shouted for Global Africans to return to Africa, many chanted Haile Selassie I & found home  & Rastafari roots in Ethiopia while many others celebrated Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah & found freedom in Ghana. Today’s Ghana boast a significant Jamaican community brought & empowered by Rita Marley & the memory & foundation of Bob Marley & Marcus Garvey. Jamaicans & native Ghanaian Rastas have created their own governing & financial empowerment council that boasts a credit union called the black star line catering to the financial empowerment needs of Rastafarians in Ghana.

When you walk around Ghana you see Jamaica, from reggae music, to dreadlocks & the culture of Rastafari. I had heard about the Kromanti/Kramanti language in Jamaica which was supposed to sound similar to the Akan languages of Ghana, but I became a true believer when I heard it spoken & found many similar words in Ghanaian Akan languages. Jamaicans like Brazilians have never denied their African roots, but have rather embraced it & used it as a sense of power in knowing who they are & where they came from beyond Jamaica’s sugar cane plantations. With more & more talk amongst African nations about offering our Diasporan brothers & sisters free visas & dual citizenships to come back home to their ancestral roots, perhaps we will all get to learn more about our distant relatives.

Many Africans & Diasporans did not know of Haitis history of successful slave rebellion which led them to independence in 1804  even before slavery was abolished in 1807 until the earthquake that brought Haiti new found global press & historical interest, just as many do not know that Jamaican Maroons had their own successful slave rebellion to freedom 50 years before slavery was abolished & long before Toussaint L’Ouverture brought Saint-Domingue out of the the shackles of the French & renamed the new land of freed slaves,Haiti. The Maroons of Jamaica have been able to keep their identity & autonomy not only from their former slave masters, but also within Jamaica even til today.  The Maroons’ largest town Accompong even has a similar name to Ghana’s Akropong-which is home to one of Ghana’s oldest tribes, the Akuapims & both are ironically located in the hills/mountains of their individual nations. We can not wait nor allow others to tell us our history & to give it to us in small increments as they see fit when knowledge is power & information is available if we truly seek to be empowered by knowledge .

I raved about how much African aesthetic is infused into Jamaican life. You’d think I was visiting the island for the first time, even though I was born here and have barely set foot anywhere else since that sun-hot Wenesday in 1972…The thing is this; African retentions in our culture sometimes get compartmentalized and thought of in ways that seem distant. Yes, over 90% of Jamaicans are black and are direct desendants of the people who came from West Africa, so when we look at each other we see our ancestry…” READ MORE

I remember the first time I went to Jamaica right out of college & met up with two Rasta men who befriended me & took care of me & my friend as community elders do in Ghana. The moment they heard I was from Ghana , I automatically became family & was blessed with eating the best jerk chicken I have ever tasted in my entire life even until today. I have eaten a lot of jerk chicken in Jamaica & other places in the world, but this was hands down the best because from the smell, to the serving of it, to the taste, you could see & feel that it came from the love of family in the way that a home cooked meal outshines even the best highly trained chef.

I did not understand back then why these two grown men were so fascinated with asking me every question possible about Ghana & why their desire to go there was so strong until many years later when I witnessed the Jamaican community & influence in Ghana & saw the love that Ghanaians, particularly the youth gave to Jamaican artists who visited & Jamaican citizens who returned back to Ghana to stay because these Ghanaian youth were just as enamored by them & wanted to know everything possible about them & our mutual ancestral global connection. It was truly as Nas & Damian “Junior Gong” Marley put it, distant relatives reuniting on two sides of the Atlantic & getting to know one another again. From Marley, to Tosh, to Sizzla, to Junior Reid, to Buju,  to the new generation Marley, Africa & Ghana in particular has always been in the forefront of their life never to take a backseat in heritage or unity! Akwaaba as we continue to keep it strictly Roots!

Nanny of the Maroons (circa 1700 – 1750), freedom fighter and hero.. READ MORE

We need to stop allowing Voodoo (Voudum) to be interpreted as some sort of “boogie man spirit” any more or less worthy of recognition & respected in its perpetration by humanity in good and evil as the gods and spirits sold in superiority of western worlds and faith. The White man’s reaction to a simplified explanation of voodoo and the laughter of the historian says it all…At some point we must take responsibility for history and the reaction of those who are responsible from spreading it in continuing cycles...

  1. Diana says:

    Wow!!! I started reading the comments, and found them quite interesting. Individuals like Gymfie should be ignored, there’s no point in responding to hate. One love!!!!

  2. Pablo says:

    I’m from Jamaica, and I know that not all blacks from Gahana/west Africa are originally from there. Personally my people – so-called negroes even though they came here on slave ships they’re originally from Israel. Which is why the original map of the world calls Gahana and that region “the land of Judah.” I’d love to visit Gahana, Africa yes, but I’m not trying to move there…

  3. Yaw says:

    Interesting read. I got to know this when I was gathering information for my Akan teaching/learning blog LearnAkan. I’m a Ghanaian and would definitely love to visit Jamaica in the not-too-distant future. Thank you for this nice piece

  4. Jollette says:

    this article is quite enlightening! I am Jamaican and I remember attending conference in the US a couple of years ago whee a lady from another West African country approached me and asked if I was Ghanian. She mentioned that my dancing and mannerism reminded her of a friend who lives in Ghana.

  5. clive Currie says:

    Were I’m from I’m jamaican

  6. TAOofJAZ says:

    This article is very informational! Not from Ghana or JA. Just have an affinity for the culture. Bless

  7. Ann Wilson says:

    Gymfi I can see that you stand alone and fights your own battle against Jamaicans and from what i am reading you are not a ghanian how stupid do you look.

  8. I am a Jamaican from the Cockpit country of Trelawny. I found myself gravitating to people from Ghana and so I made many friends with a few whom I become accustom to. I find it so easy in speaking with them and have an open relationship with some. I always felt a closeness to them and a warm relationship like family.

  9. Erverh says:

    I am Nationally Haitian but ethnically of Yoruba and Ewe background. How do I know lol? Its a long story. As you know, Haiti had the most Dahomeans in which were Yoruba, ewe, and fon brought to the island during the diaspora in addition to Kongo-Lemba people in which was the majority. As a matter of fact, the town of my parents (Gonaives) has a shrine dedicated to the Nago/Yoruba ancestors that goes back 300 years as well as a Dahomean shrine. Not many people know this because they believe that we are solely Kongo descendants and so, single us out. I would love to visit Ghana one day and reconnect with my ancestors! The Ewe, Ga, Adangbe, Yoruba, Fon and Adja have an oral history that states that they came from Northeast Africa. When I took an autosomal DNA test, I found to have ancestry in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in which was shocking!

  10. Abena Afari says:

    i thought i was the only one interested about finding my origin, but as for today i have reliesed am not the only one. but something is mixed up,is through migration that our ancestes came to settle in Ghana,yeah ok.Now my question is : are some Ghanaians origin from Ethopia? or is Ethopian origin from Ghana? which is which i want to know.

  11. donia says:

    wuh di bumbu claat pussy blood claat rasclaaat bwaii is? im ah wah ?

  12. donia says:

    i wish i was the president of Ghana, i would have made straight path from Ghana to Jamaican, with no visa nor plane ticket just to show the Jamaicans how much we love and need them,,, i also need a rasta gorgon to teach me more of rasta life….0232699774

  13. Unitedindervisity says:

    O I see your ignorance, would be wasting time here .Anyway an old post. Stop the division Gymfi, the black race should see themselves as one. You don’t like Nigerians its your choice. We have many Jamaicans living in Nigeria and we don’t even know they are Jamaicans except they tell you. So stop this fool fool as Jamaicans will say, try to unite the brothers instead of separating them with your ignorance.

  14. Borketey says:

    am a Ghanaian and i love Jamaicans. stay blessed all Jamaicans

  15. FuckAfricans says:

    Fuck all you stinking ass Afreekans

  16. Keith Stokes says:

    The historical connections between Ghana and Jamaica should also include the early African history of New England, particularly my home of Newport, Rhode Island. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Newport slave ships transported many Africans from the Gold Coast of West Africa to Jamaica and then back to Newport. Today, Newport has one of the oldest and largest enslaved and free African cemeteries in America with many of the markers with African day names that are common with the Akan people. My own direct ancestors can be traced directly back to Jamaica and Ghana.

  17. i have spent sometime trying to understand the relationship and the similarities between Ghana and Jamaica, i am a Ghanaian by birth and by everything all my parents are Ghanians, what i will say to Jamaicans who will love to know Much about Ghana is that, they will have no gret ever seeing their root as Ghanaians, Ghana has developed to understand the right of everyone and had always welcome people whose DNA have roots from Ghana, Ghana is a very welcoming Country and Ghana has always welcome it citizens. it is really a nice place to be, with good beaches, good roads, nice shopping malls, great restaurants, and most of all very peaceful, you can go out at what ever time you wish and get back to your respective homes at your own preferred time without fears or intimidation’s, of course there are bad sides of Ghana, but the bad sides are not too bad to even make living uncomfortable for you. Ghana is always comfortable and will always be comfortable, thanks to the wonderful Ghanaian who have always tried hard to make Ghana a great place to leave, in short Jamaicans are always welcome to Ghana. but no smoking of Weed cause it is illegal and drugs, lol. Welcome once again.

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  22. Michael says:

    I have read through this blogg with a furrowed brow. @Gymfi, I’m not sure of your motives and do not fully understand what has antagonised you. But your point of view is very limited. It is clear to see that your views are born of pure ignorance. But this is not an excuse. You obviously do not know any Jamaicans and as such have formed an opinion based on what you believe to be a reality. Once again, this is not an excuse! I would possibly suggest you open your eyes to more than what you see in the bars of Osu and truly open your eyes to the fact that people are all different and cannot all be looked at through such squinted eyes. for if you squint too much you will never see the sun!

    Let me give you some small facts. You obviously are not aware of.

    1. Yardies are not representative of all Jamaicans. But lets not attack people based on there circumstance. Good and Bad in every creed and colour. Simple as that.
    2.Jamaicans are no more responsible for killing Ghanians than Asians, Nigerians, Whites or any other nationality. What a ridiculous statement to make! And I do live in London and bfore you ask i am Ghanaian.
    3. @ tony mills. You are just as uninformed as our friend Gymfi. Do you really believe Ghanians enslaved people? really! I have heard this before and can answer the question but would rather you did some more research into this issue. Another example of someone not really understanding Ghanian/African culture. But go read some books and enlighten yourself!
    4. You cannot just say to someone/a nation stop hating white people etc… who are you to say such a thing. Unfortunately thats historical anger finds its way into DNA and passes down generations, have you not heard of the Willie Lynch Theory!? you cannot understand this because you and your ancestors were fortunate enough not to have been enslaved so please save your opinions!

    I have more to say but I would like to see how you respond to what I have said so far!

  23. Gymfi says:

    IM WAITING FOR SOME ANSWERS ON HERE REGARDING THE DUAL CITIZENSHIP THING?? You can attack me thats fine but at least give me some feedback ON THE ACTUAL ISSUE HERE!!


  24. Gymfi says:

    hey people! long time.

    Oh well, to the Nigerians on here im wondering why? Ghanians and Nigerians have historic differences so its not you im aiming against. I can cope with our local battles because its a local West-African rivalry – a healthy one. But in any case I would like the Nigerians on here to answer a simple question: If Areatha was a Nigerian and she suggested that Jamaicans be given dual citizen ship with the Nigerien state how would you react?

    You see we Ghanains are regarded as a softtouch by most and we seldom express ourselves to others outwardly BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE DO NOT MEAN BUSINESS its just that we would rather deal with more important issues at the time. The Nigerians on here would know that Africa is being attacked. Attacked by this new brand of Western NEO-LIBERALISM LEFTISM (e.g. the homosexual promotion). I attacked Areatha to put her right! Put her on a right track back to her roots and to steer her away from her extreme NEO-LIBERAL agenda to take our beloved Ghana to hell!! And this is why i suspect her of being a neo-leftist lesbian because only such a person would even hint at such an absurd topic as that. Forget the Jamaicans on here – lol, I would not expect them to have Ghana’s best interest at heart, But she, I know, has not been trained the traditional Ghanaian way of discipline. She is of an Americana-Holywood angel. I wish some of you non-Jamaicans on here would stick to the line and ask her WHY, HOW AND WHAT STATE OF MIND SHE IS IN to even hint and such a sick policy to give Jamaicans, of all people, dual-citizenship with such a peaceful country like Ghana??? Please put this question to her to even give this blog any kind of legitimacy!!?

  25. Cromantin says:

    I can’t believe some of the ignorant crap being posted here. To quote Kwame Nkrumah: “All people of African Descent, whether they live in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any part of the world are Africans and belong to the African nation.”

    To quote John Henrik Clarke: It’s time for black people to stop playing the separating game of geography, of where the slave ship put us down. We must concentrate on where the slave ship picked us up”.

    A word to the wise is enough …

  26. Hello says:

    I agree with you one hundred percent BornGhana Im from Ghana and when I read this my first instinct was I knew it, Im going to read the lovely comments then I came across Gymfi’s comments and thought that this person sound raher strange, how can someone pays you such a nice compliment and the only thing you do is go into attack mode, it just didn’t make any sense. I agree the Nigerians are warisome and tricky, they are on youtube starting fights between lots of people, lets ignore them and get on with peace and love towards our true ghanians and distant relatives.

  27. BornGhana says:

    We should start to play spot the Nigerians, ghanians do not act nor talk like gymfi the jealous envious fool. Don’t let the Nigerians fool you.

  28. BornGhana says:

    Im tired of Nigerians the WOLVES in SHEEPS clothing pretending to be ghanians go away Nigerians leave us ghanians alone, leave us in peace to find our ancestors around the globe, keep out of our faces with your DIRTY SLIMEY STINKING WAR AND STRIFE every where you go. Nigerians are the worst Africans god ever created. it made me wonder if they’re from god or the devil. Gymfi the war mongering Nigerian GO AWAY and leave us peaceful Ghanaians alone.

  29. BornGhana says:

    GYMFI THE Nigerian EQUALS JEALOUSY! MY GOD NIGERIANS ARE JEALOUS OF ALL AFRICANS. Their country has a bad reputation for scamming and if you let the Nigerians in Jamaica they will teach the young ones how to scam people. Nigerians use to flock to Ghana and within just a few years our youths start learn how to scam people, after we got rid of them our name has been redeemed! anywhere or country you let Nigerians in they will turn its citizens into scammers! Jamaicans stay clear of Nigerians if you want your country to be rid of scammers. They go around recruiting young black people from broken homes and teach them how to scam.

  30. BornGhania says:

    Tony Mills stop acting up with this FOOL Gymfi, he is not a true ghania but a Nigerian. The NIGERIANS have been going from websites to websites pretending to be everybody else, trying to create war and strife between Jamaicans and ghanians because they ARE JEALOUS of our relationship.

  31. Gymfi says:

    Gymfi = FOOLISH

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  34. Prince says:

    I’m Originally from West Africa (Nigeria) and am proud of it…. I live US and here i have lots of jamaican friends and fellow african friends as well. Jamaicans & Ghanian people are wonderful people to be with..Gymfi I pray that God open your eyes, make you wise in thinking and deliver you from darkness and bondage u’re… You are on this page not to contribute positively and put smiles on other people face but just to bringout your anger and cos controversies. This is happy people page for people that wanna learn & Love not, for hater like you. If you have issue in your home, Mentally sick or whatever problems u’re facing just try to fix it yourself, ain’t nobody gonna share frm it, don’t bring your issues to this page. You’re a racist, an attention seeker, sick ass gymfi……….One love to all my black bro & sis out there. ONE BLOOD, ONE COLOUR, SAME BLOOD RUNS IN OUR VAIN.. love you all.

  35. I’m quite sad today. A very great piece which is suppose to unite us- now dividing us. The jamaicans have their roots in ghanaian but dont expect them to hav the same cultural values as ghanaians. Any time section of people move away from home to elsewhere, they change cos they come into contact with others. Also they go thru certain experiences which then define what they become later. Even the Baule people of cote d’voire,originally ashantis or akans now seem quite different from ghanaians now. they are just bordering ghana and yet….so why then bother jamaicans. time for change!!!!!!!!!one love!

  36. tony mills says:

    bro who said you guys asked? and tons of ppl volnteer to go ghana to help ppl might wanna look that up goof are you mad??? and no ones suffering from no war you idiot, yardies arnt only jamaicans, they’re in ghana and ethiopia and else where you fool. why is it doctors in ghana are raping women? LMAOOO clown i swear. last time i checked you down own ghana so we could come if we want.

  37. Gymfi says:


    we never asked for any help from Jamaicans……ARE YOU MAD???


  38. tony mills says:

    see i told gmfyi how my dathers going to ghana to help people and he couldnt say nothing back, its idiots like him that keep black people seprated, theres idiots in every race and until you go to jamaica, meet all there jamaicans there, all the ones in uk america and canada then you can talk, until then stop stereotyping, you’re no different from a racist white.

  39. tony mills says:

    who says i act nice to white people?ghanaians use to enslave their own people so what are you talking about? jamaicans werent taken to america dumbass, i could see you’re not educated. and not every jamaican is a yardie. are all nigerians scammers? no, do all asains eat dog? no so stop stereotyping you fool. there was a ghanaian doctor who use to rape his victims should i assume all of you are like that? and you have nooo clue what jamaican culture is if you think our culture is how the jamaicans act in uk, smarten up fool. add me on fb TONY MILLS dont try and hide, bout you speak for all ghanaians.

  40. Gymfi says:

    Areatha yes you did imply that all Jamaicans to should be given Ghanaian dual citizenship!! so dont try to deny that now. Its beacuse you have seen your fundamental short-sightedness so now you are trying to back-track. But i think its not your fault because even though I do believe that you are Ghanaian i think your are the ‘Americanised version’. I think you were born and mostly bread on American culture so therefore you have an ‘Americana-fantasy’ thinking about Aficans and not a realistic version because judging from what you wrote you dont talk like a Ghanaian but rather like a Black American? Im sure you have done some reseach and found out that the many many troubles of the Jamaican people and how they violently live and what their culture is REALLY actually about!This is why i asked you to come live in Britiain just for a couple of years to see how the Jamaican culture is because i dont think yo can get a realistic view of it in America; America is just too big. But rather came to Britain and live UP-CLOSE and you will see that the Jamaican culture has a long way to go to develop themselves and to be able to live in a scociety with with people who dont share their lifestyle. Also to rid themselves from blaming the past for their troubles today. Are you aware of how many Ghanaians in Britian that have been directly murdered by Jamaicans?? Please research this dear Areatha. Let me make it extra clear to you honey; I definatly speak for Ghanaians when i say we dont owe anything to any Jamaicans or any other people for that matter! Jamiacans are a fundamentally different people from us and we are certainly not ‘one-blood’ as i said above. Stop trying to be ‘nice’ and be realistic! Stop listening to your ‘yardie’ friends – they dont like you!

    let me ask you something: what if ALL black behaved like Jamaicans regarding using past experiences as an excuse??? we probably would still be under colonialism and slavery and this is what the Jamaicans on this blog do want to address.

    Areatha let me give you an alternative outlook on life that involves you directly;

    Why dont you help the 64% of Ghanaian women who still cannot read and write adequately?

    Why dont you help in the fight against the alarming numbers of still-born babies in Ghana/Africa and help in womans health overall?

    Why dont you do something to help the alaraming number of unemployed people back home

    Remove the head-wrap from your head for the first time in a long time and let the oxygen flow to your brain so you can THINK like a Ghanaian-proper and DIRECT YOUR ENERGIES TO YOU OWN PEOPLE BACK HOME!!!!

  41. Gymfi says:

    The bottom line is this: Jamaicans need to change!…..STOP that ‘yARDIE’ thing and act civilised. Most Ghanaians hate that ‘Yardie’ mentality because it has nothing to do with us! and its also a form of bigatory as i said above. What no Jamaican on here or in real life likes to address is why that THEY FEAR WHITE PEOPLE SO MUCH?????….why dont you take your aggression to the people that enslaved you and took you to the Americas?? why when it comes to white people you act so nice and understanding but when it comes to your fellow blacks you are quick to correct them?

    As for Areatha she is so so amazing! I think she needs to get out of the fantasy ‘Hollywood-Americana’ and go home to live among her people for the first time in her life. She has this ‘Hollywood’ fantsy mindset of Ghanaians probably because she grew-up in the USA.

  42. tony says:


  43. tony says:

    smh gymfi is the the type to turn down a next black person but would let white people come to ghana and they’re the ones that kidnapped alot of ghanaians for slaves. my father is jamaican and plans to go out to ghana to help people in need. have you guys met every jamaican in the world? uk isnt the only place with jamaicans, you assuming all jamaicans act a certain way is like me saying all nigerians are scammers or all ghanaians have gaps in they’re tooth. you sound foolish and shouldnt even dare speak on jamaicans. you act as if ghanaian or anybody else for that matter is perfect. if any of you feel like how gymfi feel then ADD ME ON FB SO I CAN SHOW EVERYONE HOW IGNORANT YOU ARE.

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  46. Jamaicangirl says:

    @Gymfi Why do you hate all Jamaicans so much,what have we taken from you or eaten from you? Enough now, you sound as if you would kill us if you see us in Ghana.Well let me tell you this, we will go anywhere in this world we feel like going.We are citizens of this world,and there is nothing you or anyone who share your views can do about it, so go stand on the train line and wait for the next train.

  47. Gabby says:

    I’m a Ghanain but i’m always feels like a Jamaican. The same as Rita Marley feels like a Ghanian and she has even taken Ghanian name which is Nana Akua and she is the Queen mother at the town she is now. One thing she said was that, she sees everything in Ghana similar to that in Jamaica so we’re all the same

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