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I AM NOT AFRICAN BECAUSE I WAS BORN IN AFRICA, BUT BECAUSE AFRICA WAS BORN IN ME.…In the future as the world of Africa & the West mate more & more into the totality of world culture, the creative strength of the African personality, which is evident in tribal sculpture, will contribute far more profoundly to human fulfillment than can yet be imagined” DR. KWAME NKRUMAH

We are all involved in gardening as parents we are raising children. As mates we are developing relationships with our husbands and wives. As citizens we are involved in our communities, politically and socially, in our churches in our temples in our synagogues. When we accept the responsibility to look after something other than our very selves, we really become the citizens of the world we’re supposed to be.” Dr. Maya Angelou

Africa is the Beginning & the Future! My Global Fusion is that I want to utilize Mama Africa to fuse the world. I believe in the science that humanity started in Africa. We are all Mama Africa’s children. Mama Africa has given her riches & has fed all of her children through the buxom of her bountiful resources. Many of her children have watched her suffer, while depleting her resources & fighting her to the death, as selfish children declaring their mother incapable of handling her own affairs for selfish Profits & Prophets; while her selfless children fight to the end to maintain her dignity & respect. Mama Africa is a selfless mother who welcomes her children back home with nourishment in reconciliation & love.

Global Fusion Production Inc. is about bringing all of mama Africa’s global children together in our commonalities & differences.

This is OUR Global Fusion!

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