Month: October 2012

#GlobalFusionPlaylist #MamaAfrica: Producers & Songwriters – Hakim Abdulsamad

The power and importance of producers and songwriters in the entertainment industry is undeniable. The score to our everyday life reality is reflected in the score to our fantasies in films and […]

Curating in Africa Symposium At Tate Modern: The Future of African Art

I was glad to have stumbled upon this much needed dialogue in the global fusion of our shared art and spaces. I only really started following the works of the […]

Asmoah Gyan Announced as Permanent Captain for the Ghana Black Stars

As I read Asmoah Gyan’s acceptance statement for the permanent captaincy position of the Ghana Black Stars Team, all I could think was- oh how publicists never get any praise. Who […]

Editor’s Note: By Afriyie “Free” Amankwaa :Ghana Women, Ranked Most Unfaithful In The Whole World, In New Survey

Ahh Ok. When I saw this post by Aretha, my “big big” sister, I just wanted to comment and not bother to return to it again. However, I realized this […]