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GlobalFusionPlaylist: Running Away & Crazy Baldhead -Bob Marley

There will always be someone who has it better or worse than us all. As Bob Marley said “Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest …Who feels it knows it not ” #CountYourBlessings .

I watched a 20/20 »

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L’Uomo Vogue Presents May/June All Africa issue.

We are at the point again in Africa -post colonialism- where Africa/Africans seem to be charging forward in a new era of the wind of change that will once again re-brand Africa/Africans not only to the world at large but »

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Nester (Messenger) Robert Marley’s Mum- Cedella Booker

As we honor the messenger on the 31st anniversary of his transition from earth to home going- leaving the world to carry on the teachings of love and freedom, and the love in freedom- I thought I should pay tribute »

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GlobalFusionPlaylist: @The Movies -Africans In The Diaspora Stories- Restless City, African Booty Scratcher, Bronx Princess and Prince of Broadway

I was brought to think about my life as an African in the Diaspora a few weeks ago after I had an unvited engagement of words and looks with a Black American woman in a store, much like the restaurant »

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